“Growing organically” within the West End community there is a small but intimate establishment which prides itself on its casual, friendly vibe. 

Once a small Turkish restaurant on Mollison Street, this establishment has become synonymous with West End. The restaurant in question is of course, The Burrow. Famous for its gourmet food and house coffee blend, The Burrow is known around West End and indeed all of Brisbane for its homely atmosphere and friendly wait staff. But to its owners, Alan, David and Nonie, The Burrow represents the quintessential eclecticism of the 4101.

“It’s just an old house with a lot of room. I feel it fits West End like a glove,” owner Alan Simseker said. “I guess The Burrow is what it is; you could say it is West End in a building.”


Sitting in the centre of West End, The Burrow attracts all of the 4101’s  most interesting, from the famed Marilyn through to the “the everyman on the street”. With their family like hospitality, it is little wonder that The Burrow is one of West End’s well-renowned restaurants. The party doesn’t just end the fantastic dining experience. In signature West End fashion, The Burrow is host to its own selection of craft beer, of their own design.


“We actually have our own micro-brewery where we brew everything from our pilsner through to the stout,” David said. “They are usually cycled through every three weeks, so it’s a fairly regular thing to see our house brews tap.” With everything from quirkily named pizza, through to micro-brewed beer on tap, The Burrow certainly is one of West End’s premier establishments and holds a special place in West End culture and night life.

Words and images by Dominic Dawes