The spontaneous and full standing ovation was well deserved for Queensland Theatre‘s Barbara and the Camp Dogs opening at Bille Brown Theatre on Friday 3 May. This ‘raw and stirring’ rock’n’roll family reunion road-trip story runs until 25 May, another piece of brilliant programming from Sam Strong. Co-created by, and starring, the multi-talented Ursula Yovich (Top End Wedding, Australia, Redfern Now) Barbara and the Camp Dogs is a gob-spit of fun, frenzy and family that finds beauty in honesty and hope in confrontation with the past. Starring a live band on stage, the show also features cabaret seating for the first time at the new Bille Brown Theatre, with a limited number of seats on-stage, up close and personal to the music and the drama.

Readers also enjoyed seeing the Socials from Queensland Symphony Orchestra.