Cancer survivor David Black owes his life to Body Organics, a Pilates studio in West End.

A typical day at the studio, David noticed he felt sore after a Pilates session. Due to his training on how to be more body aware David was soon diagnosed with Sarcoma, a rare and aggressive cancer that required two operations. With the help and attention from the team at Body Organics, David underwent major rehabilitation post-op. Miraculously, a scan in November showed that David was cancer free!

“Post-abdominal surgery, I had extra close supervision and shorter classes when necessary. My core strength soon returned,” said David. Growing in popularity, Pilates has been suggested by experts to be a safe and feasible practice during cancer treatment and recovery, improving overall quality of life.

“A class can either be a stretch and movement class or an exhausting workout. The ability of Pilates to isolate parts of the body to work on is what makes all the difference. Only having a maximum of 4 students per instructor means you are well monitored in your exercises,” said David.

With the qualified guidance of Body Organics Naturopath and Clinical Nutritionist, Dr. Janet Schloss, David is well on his way to taking the necessary steps to live a healthy and active life.

“You only have one body and it’s important to look after it. To be physically active and able to do the things you want to do with ease. I walk everywhere and take the steps before an escalator or lift. It pays to listen to your body and look after it.”

Words by Melissa Fletcher
Images by Body Organics