We need to talk about Caravanserai, you and I. You see, what’s really silly is that I’ve lived in the Highgate Hill area for going on three years now and somehow I have never eaten at the lovely Turkish restaurant, Caravanserai. I’m not sure how it happened either guys; call me crazy! But tonight I finally make it – and I will certainly be back again soon – because one meeting was enough for me to fall head over heels for this place.

So to set the scene for you a little… We kept it local and casual last Thursday night, both running in straight from work (Nic & I); it was only 6pm when we sat down to eat! And how could we ignore our mid-week craving for an it’s-SO-almost-the-weekend glass of wine, something to nibble and some girl-time (outside of the apartment of course)…

Caravanserai is even better than I imagined it to be – the interior is draped floor to ceiling in oranges, reds and the richest plum colour and is so softly lit (by candlelight) that I feel instantly warm once in from the cold even for just a second. We take a table in the front corner and I curse myself for not making it here sooner – I am oh so cosy!

We drink a Pinot Gris (the favourite of late) and order Peynir (haloumi, goats cheese, onion jam, crispy flatbread) and then the Ottoman Mezeplatter with the most luscious assortment of yumminess arrives for us: Turkish bread and dips, feta, (more) haloumi (yes, why on earth not!), chorizo sausage, almond crusted goats cheese, baked polenta and char grilled garlic prawn skewers… so are you running out the door yet?

If not, DO at your earliest convenience! We leave so full and satisfied it’s almost ridiculous. If you’re like me and you have somehow stayed away from Caravanserai, please do yourself a favour and make it the next on your hit list… immersing yourself for a few hours will be nothing short of a Turkish Delight (and I’m not just cleverly punning, they even have Turkish Delight for you to pick up on your way out the door); it doesn’t get too much lovelier than that.

Happy Wednesday, enjoy your week in 4101!