Name: Cecile Porchun

Campus: South Bank Institute of Technology

Course: Interior Design


Why did you choose to study at South Bank?

I just decided that it sounded good and my teachers at school said it was an alright idea. I’m doing a bridging course to university, it’s like a certificate and I’ll finish it at university and do the bachelor.

What do you like most about studying in the 4101 area?

The environment’s really nice. It’s nice and relaxed. The facilities are pretty good, pretty modern and it’s a nice campus.

What are some of your favorite places to eat or hang out around here?

I get coffee at Glow, it’s the café just past the movies. I get coffee there almost every day. They have really good coffee. I also get sushi for lunch at the sushi train.

How would you describe the 4101 area?

Everyone’s pretty friendly. It’s a relaxed environment. It’s nice.


Interview and Photos by Chelsea Heaney