Southern Cross Soloists are collaborating with new elite pre-professional dance company Method X Performance Centre to present the world premiere of an original work Cerulean. Choreographed by former Expressions Dance Company dancers, Rebecca Hall and Emrys Goldsworthy, Cerulean premieres on Sunday 14 April at The Joinery in West End.

The production combines the talents of seven dancers from Australia and Singapore working alongside ten young musicians from the University of Queensland School of Music who are part of the Southern Cross Soloist’s Next Gen Artists Program. The production will be an exciting live performance experience for the audience in an up close cocktail-style setting that promises to bring this original work to life. Rebecca has collaborated with Southern Cross Soloists and Artistic Director Tania Frazer on a number of cross artform performances.

“I’m thrilled to be able to offer students this opportunity to share their passion for dance and music with each other and up close with the audiences in this amazing, new venue in the heart of West End,” said Rebecca.

Cerulean is based on the Hindu belief of throat chakra which is represented by the colour cerulean blue. The throat chakra is believed to be the centre of purity and truth in the human body. “Cerulean will bleed colour, emotion and physicality of the ramifications humans create for themselves and others,” Rebecca said.

For Rebecca, this world premiere will be the realisation of a lifelong goal to create a Performance Centre that utilises scientifically-based programs to create elite athletes and provide the optimum performance potential for each individual dancer, an area she believes needs greater attention after her own dance training experience.

Southern Cross Soloist’s Artistic Director Tania Frazer said, “This production is the perfect synthesis for the Next Gen Artists who are offered a 360-degree career training experience through our renowned mentorship program which offers early career musicians outstanding performance opportunities and mentorship in chamber music careers, where no formal career pathway currently exists.”

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