Charlotte Moon is a West End based singer-songwriter creating Indie-Pop with an edge. Just in time for Halloween, Charlotte has dropped a Vampire-themed music video to support her anticipated debut single, Fledgling.

This Halloween, Charlotte has created a music video that combines her fascination of the supernatural with a quirky look at the innocence and obsession of first love. She says the music video and song have kookier, darker and subversive themes layered into the story.

The Fledgling Music Video is a vampire-themed story where the young and innocent ‘fledgling’ vampire falls in love with the not so innocent ‘bad boy’ vampire. Of course, being about vampires, blood, grave-yards and other Halloween themes also get a good run. Wanting to take the story into her own hands, Charlotte opted to Executive Produce and Co-direct, sourcing more than 30 local Queensland University of Technology alumni and students. Many of the crew and cast are Southside locals and Brisbane State High School graduates, such as Editor (Navaz Illava), Choreographer (Savanh Claire), Jean Cotterell (Cast member) and Charlotte herself.

Charlotte’s sweet yet haunting voice contrasts with her provocative lyrics and hypnotising combination of creepy piano organs, triple harmonies with groovy bass guitar and drums. With the quirky vampire theme, and her angelic voice travelling to the rare whistle-tone register, Charlotte Moon is one to look out for.

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