It is not every day we peek behind the curtain of sophisticated fashion icons and perfectly curated Instagram feeds, but Brisbane’s own Jodie Bache-Mclean, Managing Director of Chic Management, is delivering the unfiltered truth about teaching self love in a society obsessed with social validation.

For Jodie, honouring the philosophies of integrity and transparency she teaches to her students is paramount. “I have always struggled with weight. I am never going to be a size 10, but I am a happy, healthy size 14 to 16. I have learned to dress for my shape — now I love my curves and bumps,” she smiles.

After its recent rebrand from Dallys, the model and talent management agency has launched a new era in a new location, focusing on developing the careers, mental health, and confidence of its clients at its new Boundary Street address. For Jodie, the new office in West Village feels all too familiar. “I have lived in Brisbane my whole life; incidentally I attended Brisbane State High school, and for a few years in my late 20s I lived in Highgate Hill. The gorgeous West End is very familiar to me — almost like coming home.”

Since she first dipped her toes in the world of modelling at age 15, Jodie has reached many goals in her career including travelling internationally and delivering countless keynote speeches. “For me, being a model was never going to be a career — however I did have a keen interest and passion for the ‘business of modelling’ and at 22 years of age became a model booker in the model agency. And as they say — the rest in history!” Flash forward to now and Jodie is running the Queensland office of an internationally renowned agency, a shining example of a strong, successful woman. “I can honestly say with hand on heart — no day is ever the same or normal, perhaps that is why I love every part of what I do.”

Jodie explains that her professional passion is split between two polar opposite worlds. “I adore the excitement of the model business, the glamorous fashion events, but the other passion is the work I do in the education arena. The model agency deals with the competitive and fast paced fashion industry, and our education and training side focuses on building confidence and self belief.”

With faster fashion begging a more demanding line up of collections and shows, those working in the fashion and beauty industries can easily burn out. Jodie admits she embraces the hustle and is constantly moving her goal posts. Whether she is teaching high school students, models, politicians, or business elites, Jodie always returns to the message of embracing one’s self both on the inside and out. “The message is simple — size does not matter. Cut off every size tag on all your clothing and learn to dress for your shape and skin tone — not someone else’s. Love the skin you are in. Be as gentle and kind to yourself as if you were talking to your best friend.”

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