The Queensland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC) is calling for vocalists keen to take their singing passion to the next level to join the QPAC Choir and the new QPAC Youth Choir with auditions this week at the Centre.

The QPAC Choir, an established community choir for adults 18 years and above, will hold their auditions for 2019 intake on Wednesday 30 January and Thursday 31 January 2019. Auditions for QPAC’s new dedicated Youth Choir for secondary school singers (Years 7 to 12), will be held on Friday 1 and Saturday 2 February 2019.

The QPAC Youth Choir auditions will be in the form of a workshop run by acclaimed QPAC Choirmaster, Timothy Sherlock. During this workshop, singers will be assessed on their musicianship/aural skills and vocal technique in a relaxed, fun environment. Lead by Timothy Sherlock, both choirs offer singers with a keen interest and vocal ability the opportunity to perform in a high quality choral ensemble as part of QPAC’s large community choir program.

The program provides an imaginative and challenging repertoire with the opportunity for skill development, social connections and public performance, aiming to help cultivate this generation of talented singers and the next. In 2019 the QPAC choirs will be involved in a number of performances including Songs of Hope & Healing, the QPAC Choir Showcase Concert: ROCK CHOIR, Brisbane Open House and QPAC’s iconic annual Spirit of Christmas concerts.

For more information about the QPAC Choir, the QPAC Youth Choir and how to join, visit the QPAC website.

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