It’s only been open three weeks but already this new Pan-Asian restaurant on Boundary Street is causing a stir.

Modelled on the very successful concept of Chin Chin restaurant in Melbourne and named after the first chimp in space, this new restaurant brings a whole new vibe to Boundary Street – something completely original and unique and unlike every other establishment in its neighbourhood. I think this can only be a good thing for these guys going forward.

Our mid-week dinners are getting earlier and earlier – we arrive at 530 and the lovely Arturo opens the wide swinging door for us as we gingerly ask if they are open for dinner yet.

Nic and I are very excited to eat here tonight and Arturo, the manager this evening tells me a little about Chop Chop Chang’s first few weeks in business.

‘It’s funny, we feel it’s more suited in a way to a South Bank crowd but we’re hoping, because it’s so different to anything else nearby that people here might just love it. We’ve already had so much support from the other local businesses welcoming us to the area; we’ve really come to understand how close everyone is in this spot – it’s like they’re all family,’ he says.

Chop Chop Chang’s fills up as the hours go by and I really am so impressed with the service we receive and the ambiance that surrounds us – this really is a very trendy little spot and I feel very welcome, relaxed and looked after here. If nothing else, I suggest checking it out for the décor alone.


We eat: Chicken Yakitori (ginger, garlic, and honey with sweet sesame); salt and pepper cuttlefish and wok tossed prawns.

We drink: a glass of Rose and we each have a pot of tea to finish (the teas here are a little bit special and a little bit delicious, trust me)

We see: staff that all seem very happy to be here and who are also very personable; small and large tables enjoying their Pan Asian cuisine (I think these guys will have no trouble swinging numbers in West End) and a lot of chimp-covered décor and collateral (we love it and so will you, I’m sure).

I am loving that in recent months I have been able to see West End grow so much; from the likes of Depo and Cobbler Bar and now to Chop Chop Chang’s – this suburb is just getting cooler and cooler and I’m loving it more and more every time I step out.

Tune in next week for some fashion-week adventures…

Until then – Happy week!

x Allie