Christmas is an exciting time for many, and while it is ideally enjoyed with family and friends over a good meal and under a solid roof, this is far from reality for many. This December more than 22,000 Queenslanders will spend the festive season sleeping rough, in temporary accommodation or inadequate dwellings, or in halfway-solutions like boarding houses or crisis accommodation.

For this reason, Vinnies needs support to help make a difference in the lives of those who face a Christmas of fear, anxiety and despair stemming from the unpredictability of homelessness, housing and the rising cost of living. Last December, it ensured more than 18,220 people were provided with a brighter Christmas than the one they were facing.

Even those who have a place to call home are not free from the financial stress, with the latest research showing one in 10 people are paying more than 30 per cent of their income on rent. This means there is all too often not enough money left over for food and bills, let alone a small gift for their child.

Donating to this year’s Vinnies Christmas Appeal means helping create a better Christmas for children and their parents, one they can remember for the right reasons. Interested individuals can make a donation online.

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