CHRYSALIS4101 sees renowned artist Vernon Ah Kee paint a mural on an external wall in downtown West End, an Operatic Experience transforming Caravanserai corner and a cutting edge gala of physical theatre on Vulture Street as part of an initiative designed to support artists, celebrate place and stimulate business.

CHRYSALIS PROJECTS is an artist led economic stimulus projects curated by PLACELOVE, an innovative placemaking joint venture that fosters philanthropy within the community. Each project is co-designed as a transformational creative partnership to deliver arts and culture in place. CHRYSALIS PROJECTS is driving creativity to reinforce the local economy of postcode 4101 during, and after, COVID-19.

Think landmark murals, opera in unexpected places, and tightrope walkers in surprising spots. These are all part of the vision the PLACELOVE team Bec Mac and Carmel Haugh, have for their foundational project: CHRYSALIS4101. Bec Mac explains, “Back in March when the three hundred in a venue lock down rule was announced, I personally lost six months of work overnight!  Carmel and I got together to fast- track the philanthropic model we had been envisioning for creative placemaking.”

The PLACELOVE team is very excited to unveil the CHRYSALIS4101 flagship project. The landmark mural project is a co-curated partnership with property owners, artist Vernon Ah Kee, and Josh Milani of Milani Gallery. “Vernon is a globally recognised contemporary artist and a founding member of proppaNOW, an Internationally respected artist collective who had their first studio in West End. We aim for this mural to be a powerful artwork to mark a place so unique and loved by its community,” Bec Mac said.

Caravansarei’s Little Opera Corner is reimagining an operatic performance within the inner-city urban environment of West End, to be an escapist sensory experience for the audience who will be transported by the magic of the voice and taken far away on a journey. Intimate and moving for the paying patrons, and a surprising gift for those passing by encountering the singing apparition transiting the internal and external space with their song and their enlivening presence.

An experimental physical theatre live art project directed by David Carberry in collaboration with the Sideshow West End is showcasing our world-class local cabaret and circus artists to perform new emerging works transforming a Vulture Street corner into a stirring journey of Tableau Vivants of flesh, colour and Queer.

The PLACELOVE team has a goal to codesign 10 creative projects activating 10 small businesses or spaces and delivering 10 enriching experiences for residents and visitors to the 4101 postcode. Presently, two more projects are in development.

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