Image via Concrete PlaygroundTucked away in the heart of West End lies Avid Reader, a well-esteemed bookshop, selling all manner of books, as well as a good selection of CDs.

Nestled right at the back lies a laid-back cafe, selling light snacks and of course coffee, making it all the more welcoming as you meander through shelves of novels and reference books.

On top of all that there is an outdoor seating area, allowing coffee-sippers and slurpers to not only enjoy their caffeine hit, but the great outdoors too.

Greeting me at the counter is Stu, the barista, taking my order with a beaming smile before buckling away with my cappuccino.

Ground from Toby Estate’s ‘Woolloomooloo’ blend, it makes for a rich taste, just what I needed as Ian McEwan’s Atonement takes a sinister twist.

The coffee is strong, with a tasteful bitter note hanging on at the end, topped off with a luxurious layer of cocoa-coated froth.

All in all, a fantastic place to get lost in a great book and a coffee.