Local radio station, 612 ABC Brisbane, launched its 2016 Community Correspondent program last week with 23 new volunteers from across Brisbane sharing stories from their communities on air.

The topics featured for the show¬†focus on various aspects of community living from Brisbane’s cycling community, music scene, working mums and major events to Vietnamese, Filipino, Muslim Islamic, Indian and African cultures.

Community Correspondents have covered close to 400 stories since the beginning of the program in 2014. 612 ABC Brisbane’s Local Manager, Jen Brennen, says the program has provided a vital platform for the station to reflect the city it calls home.

The program features 612 ABC Brisbane community correspondent of Oxley, Lou Bromley, who covered a story about fire ants in her neighbourhood. Since 2001, the fight against them continues in Australian communities with news of the ants turning up just a street away from her place.

“Whenever I hear one of our correspondents on air I feel incredibly proud of what we’ve achieved over these past few years. Their ideas and passion for storytelling have given 612 a wonderfully rich and textured sound that weaves a narrative of Brisbane that would be otherwise impossible.”

Indian immigrant, Tasneem Zavery, joined the team at its inception and has loved sharing local stories over the last two years, as it hass helped her to connect with her Murarrie community.

“It has given me a sense of pride and a sense of inclusiveness, because I still consider myself a newbie to Australia, despite being here for four years now.”

Words by Jocelyn Garcia
Image supplied