Onespace Gallery is excited to present Elisa Jane Carmichael’s cross-disciplinary Connecting Waves: A Saltwater woman living on Desert Country from 5 July to 5 August.

The exhibition documents Elisa’s personal and creative journey as she shares her stories of finding home, from sea to sand.

Elisa is a Ngughi woman from Quandamooka country currently living in Alice Springs.

Her solo exhibition is inspired by her life in these two homes, interweaving and incorporating materials from both. Place is a significant theme for Carmichael, one particularly poignant at present. Settling in Alice Springs was initially a shock, the desert’s contrasting and shifting colour palette a stimulus for an artist who had grown up by the sea. The other subject that has come to the fore in this exhibition of paintings, weaving, textile design, silk paintings and fashion is family.
Though far from where she had grown up, she discovered the saltwater was with her, regardless of location. To interweave her two experiences, she draws on materials and significance from both, such as combining the raffia used by the desert women and the sea rope used by her mother, Sonja Carmichael.

Carmichael’s first solo exhibition was held in London’s Paul Smith Gallery in 2010. Last year, she collaborated with celebrated Indigenous artist Judy Watson on tow row 2016, the Indigenous Sculpture Commission now permanently installed at the front door of the Gallery of Modern Art.