The beauty and hairdressing industries have been severely impacted by COVID-19 as they work hard to keep their doors open while safeguarding the safety of their clients and staff. West End based former Australian Hairdresser of the Year Carole Haddad of Corcorz has gone to significant lengths to ensure her clients and staff are in a safe environment at this time.

Carole and her team have demonstrated leadership and industry best practice by implementing extraordinary health precautions and measures to put the safety of their clients first and feelings of unease to rest. The nature of hairdressing requires close physical contact, so along with the stringent use of masks and gloves, Carole has made the innovate decision to invest in disposable razors, combs, scissors, and towels to completely minimize the risk of transmission from client to client.

Carole and her team are striving not to operate ‘business as usual’ but completely alter the hairdressing process from start to finish to prioritise client health. This is a fantastic example of a community-loved small business showing innovation in crazy times and pivoting to ensure client well-being remains the top priority. Corcorz is going the extra mile to keep Queensland safe and minimise community transmission of COVID-19.

Here is a video to hear more from Carole about the safety practices she has put in place.

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