From body to spirit, breath to stillness this is the mantra at West End’s Core Yoga, an adage ingrained in the simplicity of the sweeping timber floors and white walls that encapsulate Brisbane’s longest running yoga studio. From simple beginnings in 2001, Nathan Tight — Director, Practice Manager and Teacher at Core — is the first to admit his hesitation at opening a yoga studio in a time when the spiritual practice was not understood. “At that time, we didn’t really have a model or really know if yoga would actually be a viable business. At that point, in 2001, there was maybe one or two established studios in the entire Brisbane region,” he said.

With this in mind, Nathan and partner Chanthalah, both possessing qualifications in contemporary dance, decided they would give it a go, and opened Core Yoga in Paddington. They moved to West End in 2003. Fast forward 15 years, and Nathan reflects that it was not all smooth sailing. “In the early days, we spent a lot of our time demystifying yoga and reassuring people that is wasn’t a cult or something just for flexible people.” Yoga has now exploded as a fitness craze, and with a proliferation of yoga teachers in Australia, Core Yoga is adapting to change in the industry, introducing Yoga Teacher Training to their curriculum. “Our Core Yoga Teacher Training staff are some of the most qualified in Australia and have a wealth of knowledge from their combined 65 years of teaching experience in yoga and adult education. We are really excited to present one of the best and most thorough Yoga Teacher Trainings in Queensland, with sustainable physical practice (asana) being one of our key areas of focus,” said Nathan.

Core Yoga has also integrated physiotherapy, allowing the studio to find a balance between modern science, and traditional yoga wisdom. “We engage the medical profession now. Fifteen years ago, the medical professionals were not convinced of the benefits of yoga. “Now both yoga and meditation are well recognised with empirical evidence to benefit the mental and physical wellbeing of both the general public and the sporting professions,” Nathan confirms.

The flurry and haste of a bustling work day is silenced when you enter Core, allowing trivial concerns to slip away as the breezy simplicity of the studio makes way for the pulse of a yoga flow to revive the body and mind. It is this invigoration that Nathan and his team still find joy in teaching, evident in their passion and purposeful intentions. “We share teachings that don’t just include doing the fanciest trick, but also engage in a practice that is functional and will serve you throughout the rhythms of life,” Nathan explains. Looking towards the future, Nathan hopes he can continue to do what he loves as the studio launches new classes, adding to their already extensive timetable. When asked how Nathan would celebrate 15 years of business in West End he replies, “with a party of course”. Core Yoga is located at the corner of Boundary and Vulture Streets in the heart of West End.

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