Cornersmith, a leader in food waste reduction, has released its next book, Salads & Pickles, at the forefront of the pickling and sustainably sourced food trend.

Following on from the self-titled bestselling first book, co-founder, Alex Elliott-Howery, and Cornersmith head chef-cross-waste warrior, Sabine Spindler, make vegetables the hero of the plate in their latest release.

Sabine’s experience working in fine dining restaurants in Europe left her shocked by the amount of good food that goes to waste on a daily basis in the hospitality industry.

“This book is an extension of our shared love of vegetables,” Alex said.

“As well as a bit of a roadmap for where we think the future of food needs to head; more vegetables, less meat; more cooking from scratch; less waste, more preserving; more sharing and community building.”

Salads & Pickles contains no diets, no superfoods, and no guilt.

It is just good food with more taste and the added benefit of cutting down on food waste with a focus on seasonal salads, pickles, and preserving.

The book also includes dozens of simple ideas for fresh ingredients that might otherwise be thrown away.

There are also tips on growing sprouts at home, flavouring salts and vinegars, and at the back of the book is Sabine’s guide on how to make the best salad dressings using what is in your fridge and pantry.

Alex, who teaches popular pickling and preserving workshops at the Cornersmith cooking school, the Picklery, shows how having a pantry of pickles and preserves quickly makes a meal more interesting and how you can bottle the best of the season to use at any time of the year. She and her team of picklers, fermenters, cheesemakers, bread bakers, and others have taught many hundreds of classes over the years.

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