Hidden behind a blue door and down an alleyway on Boundary Street there is a conspiracy brewing. It’s not the kind of conspiracy you’re thinking of, in fact, the best thing brewing here is the Chai tea. Courtyard Conspiracy is a weekly gathering of local musicians, artists and friends. On Monday nights one can venture down here to find a small courtyard littered with fairy lights and filled with music and friendly faces. The free event is graciously hosted by the residents of 120 Boundary Street, who have turned their back yard  and house into a creative hub that features new art and live music every week.

Monday April 1st played host to a range of musicians. Performers were invited up to jam throughout the night. There was blues, jazz and rap all within the first hour I was there. The main act was Uncomfortable Sciences, a Brisbane ensemble with some serious musical mettle. The Uncomfortable Sciences set was unique, as one of the members was writing down the music for the band as they played. It was a sort of semi-structured jazz improvisation. What would start out as a few notes on a whiteboard would soon become a fully-fledged song. Each band member adding and adapting to what the conductor was writing or doing. Although it was all off-the-cuff it was evident that this group is used to playing like this and the crowd was enamored by it. People were poking their heads over the fence just to catch a glimpse.

Art by Toby Austin Godey, Briohny Walker, Scott Makinnon, Rachel Walker and Mama See adorned the walls of the lower level of the house.  The styles ranged from written words to detailed paintings.

So if you are looking for something good to do on Monday, I would seriously advise checking it out soon. As one of West End’s best-hidden secrets Courtyard Conspiracy may not last long, with the functions planned to run only until June 24th.

Photos and Words by Chelsea Heaney