After a two week hiatus, I am back where I belong, sitting at one of West End’s finest cafes with a fantastic coffee in front of me.

It is a rather slow, grey and drizzly Monday that I find myself sitting in Tazza, formerly known as Cup.

The humble cafe, having been open since 2009, has just recently changed its name to the Italian translation of cup, lending an altogether renewed sense of sophistication.

Nestled along Russell Street, there is very little in the way of aesthetics that grabs your attention, other than the chairs and tables sporadically occupied by customers enjoying a bite to eating or sipping at a coffee.

The large wall art, however, offers something  fun to marvel at – injecting a little childhood imagination into the warehouse-like shop.

One of the heavyweights in West End’s prominent coffee scene, Tazza has a made a name for itself by using quality products, making for superior coffees.

This is personified by the staff.

Barista Mauricio Machado, from Brazil, lives and breathes coffee – even his name sounds a little like a macchiato he jokes.

Making coffee for around six years, he certainly knows his way about coffee, and enjoys it too.

“It’s a pleasure making coffee,” he tells simply.

Over the years he has noticed the countless changes in the coffee industry, from the way beans are farmed, brewing methods and improved technology.

Crafted from award-winning coffee by Cup Roasters, you cannot really go wrong with Tazza.

“[Cup Roasters] Supplied the best coffee I’ve ever tried,” Mauricio explains.

Using all Arabica beans, sourced from South America, each coffee displays its own delicate flavours.

Starting off with a long macchiato made with the Five Star Day house blend, a 65% Colombia/35% Brazil mix, it delivered an incredibly smooth, easy-to-drink coffee with a slight acidic finish.

This was followed by one of the rotating single-origin espressos – the Mauselen Llanos from Colombia – with a prominent caramel hit and orange-like finish, slightly more acidic than the blend, but just as enjoyable.

All in all, coffee-lovers out there that have not yet ventured to Tazza – it is certainly worth your time (the food looks just as good too).

Keagan Elder