Cutting Edge Collab

Published on August 13, 2019 | in Arts

Following its collaboration with West End’s post production company Cutting Edge and Director Adam Mason, American rock band Alice in Chains have released the final episode in series Black Antenna; a ten-part sci-fi film set to the Grammy Award winning album Rainier Fog.

Black Antenna was directed by Adam Mason, written by Mason and Paul Sloan and produced by Elizabeth Mason and Oscar-winning writer Nick Vallelonga. The film follows two aliens as they struggle to survive, elude capture and communicate with their mothership. It is a dark, and sometimes bizarre alien film which manages to tell a surprisingly human story – exploring very relevant concepts about immigration, homelessness and xenophobia.

The creatives at Cutting Edge jumped at the opportunity to collaborate on the project after Sloan and Mason stumbled across its work online. The band were very pleased with what happened next. “We’re thrilled with the aesthetic that Zenon and his team brought to the film. Their visual effects and design contribution really complemented Adam’s vision,” said Sean Kinney, drummer for Alice in Chains.

“It’s been a totally fluid thing. There were obviously plenty of things in the script that needed addressing, all of which they totally knocked out of the park. But for me the real joy came for me in our collaboration on the more subtle things… like the title sequences for each episode. Those were all things I never really expected and are now my fav things in the episodes full stop.” said Mason.

Black Antenna is set to be developed into a feature and currently available on YouTube.

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