Damien Leith The Parting Glass, will take you on an authentic Irish experience.

Leith, singer/songwriter and former Australian Idol winner, will embark on an Australian tour incorporating his new album Songs from Ireland. The Irish singer wrote a one-man cabaret for the Adelaide Cabaret Festival and is touring the show with a collection of Irish songs. Leith tells the audience a story of a father and son engaging in conversation at an Irish pub.

Every song on the album could be a go-to karaoke song for Damien and has the power to make people do the Irish jig. Leith’s version of Danny boy, one of his favourites, is extraordinary with a steel guitar and Irish pipe. “My show was a long time coming, I always loved drama and interwoven with Irish music made it unique,” Leith says.

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The latest album is a family affair, since Damien recorded it in Ireland with his siblings. “My sister sings a duet with me, my brother is the drummer and my youngest brother is the photographer, it is a big family effort,” he says. Leith is very fond of his family; he toured Ireland with them before his Idol journey began.“I am grateful for Australian Idol as so many doors opened and opportunities I did not take for granted,” he says. Australian audiences can expect a true taste of Ireland, as he spreads Irish culture to Australia.“It is two hours of a real Irish experience and is funny but emotional as I take you on a journey, musically and through genuine relationships,” he says.

Damien Leith – The Parting Glass – An Irish Journey

QPAC, Cremorne Theatre

16th May

Words by Ellen Goddard