Dani Cabs is a West End local who began his career as a performance artist 18 months ago.

In the past year and a half Dani has created two shows, been nominated for the Best Emerging Artist Award at the 2015 Adelaide Fringe, and performed at seven festivals around Australia including Melbourne International Comedy Festival and Adelaide Fringe. Dani is excited to tour internationally for the first time, bringing his show PONCHO ORANGE to the highly acclaimed Edinburgh Fringe on August 8.

Dani is a Queensland College of Art graduate and has his roots grounded in Brisbane. He began his life as a performer at West End’s own Boundary Street Markets where he was allowed to occupy a small corner space and perform skits publicly. He did this each market day for a month before he performed in his first ever festival in January 2015. Dani’s show PONCHO ORANGE was born from his 2013 video work Who is Dani Cabs, which received a high commendation from the GAS Art Prize.

In his show Dani is Poncho Orange–a part Latin-lover, part human-pleasure machine just looking to belong, in a good way. Dani aims to maintain his five-star rating at Edinburgh Fringe and give an hilarious performance. He combines clowning, dancing, and physical comedy that makes for an eye-catching and fun-filled experience for his audience.

Dani’s fun, eccentric personality and show will wow audiences at Edinburgh Fringe and give them a taste of Aussie talent and the West End vibe. To celebrate his overseas debut, and give back to his local community, Dani performed two free shows that previewed the highlights of PONCHO ORANGE. These performances, aimed at locals, took place in West End at The Bleachers on July 20 and 21.

Words by Anna Ghioni
Image by Dani Cabs