Author Daniel Springfield released his latest book The Six Secrets earlier this year, an adventure thriller that delves into the hidden secrets and controversies of the United States National Security Agency (NSA). Many hours of meticulous research and planning went into the creation of this book as Daniel fought to find the facts on such a hidden issue. “I’d spent the best part of two decades researching the subjects eventually written about in The Six Secrets. I was surprised how little literary information was available,” Daniel said.  

The true essence of the book, Daniel said, is to confront the reader through relaying the real secrets that most of us are either unaware of or have been misled by false news. “The best compliment I could hope for is for readers to question some of the ‘secrets’ within the book; to research and discover the truths for themselves. My aim is for the readers to be as shocked as I was when I first learned what was really happening around the world.”

Daniel said that while The Six Secrets is classified as fiction, he prided himself on the accuracy of his portrayal of real events, projects and settings included in the book. Many of these settings were derived from real locations in South East Queensland. Having lived in Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast, Daniel has a personal affiliation with the area and a desire to correctly represent the region through the eyes of a true local. Passionate about the locations featured in his book, Daniel said he found each scene easy to write. “Being a parochial Queenslander, I trust I’ve presented South East Queensland favourably, being fortunate, over the years, to dine in the terrific West End restaurants, surf at Burleigh Heads, and walk around the beaches and headlands of Noosa’s National Park.”

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