Daz Buckley may not be Harry Potter, but his life is just as magical.

Daz has dabbled as an account manager, rock band roadie, and bonsai master, but his real passion is magic.

“I used to always say I had a job, and then I had a day job to help support it. Magic and entertaining has always been my number one job, it’s just that I put it aside for a while,” Daz enlightened.

The Brisbane magician’s love of magic began by chance at a young age.

“I started at 12. I went to a joke shop with a mate of mine. I saw stuff I couldn’t believe.

I was hooked. I went back the next week without my mate, and probably went every week after.”

After an early start, Daz became an expert and performed on television shows.

“One of them I bombed badly – my floating ball really let me down. It worked so beautifully in rehearsals. But, if you’re 16, bomb on national TV, and can pick yourself up from that, you can do anything in life.”

At 17, music took over from magic. “When you ask somebody if they want to be a musician or a magician, I knew which one chicks went for,” he jokes.

Daz spent 28 years away from magic, returning after a health scare.

“I had a heart-attack and a triple-bypass, and a lot of time to sit and think what I wanted to do with my life. One of the things I decided was even if there was a day job involved, the night job would be doing something interesting.”

Daz returned to the stage in 2009, performing in spots across the country since. Now he will be performing his show Bedazzled as part of the Anywhere Theatre Festival, featuring escapism, mind-reading, and his trusty floating ball. His journey back to performing magic makes him reminisce about the magic shop where it all began.

“I remember this one guy. He had only taken magic up again. I couldn’t imagine giving magic up. He said, ‘You never know; life takes over sometimes’. I always remembered that.”