Congratulations to the Brisbane State High Senior A Debating team which won their Grand Final Debate in the QDU Grand Final at Somerville House on August 28. The State High QDU Senior A Debating Team comprises Year 12 students Esandi Kalugalage (2019 Prefect), Leidi Peng (2019 Prefect), Advaith Suresh (2019 School Vice-Captain) and Mick Weate and Year 11 student Sophie Hooper.

Mick said, “Almost 100 supporters from State High showed up in support and did war cries. My teammates performed better than I’d ever seen them perform before. I was so proud. When the winning team was announced, our supporters were ecstatic. All of our hard work and teamwork had paid off.” Esandi said, “I was so honoured to be awarded Best Speaker of the Grand Final; all attributed to the extremely hard work we have put into debating over the past year.”

The students have honed their craft with years of dedication and practise. Leidi said, “I started debating in Year 6. I continued on in high school because it allowed me to gain self confidence, logical thinking skills and awareness of many different issues around the world.” Advaith said, “Debating has definitely been the most challenging activity that I have participated in during high school, but it has also been by far the most rewarding activity. I am so grateful to have had this opportunity with incredible teammates and the most caring coach, Miss Cate Maccoll (Class of 2015), for whom we all have so much respect.”