As a professional psychic I am asked on a daily basis by clients to help them make the right decisions about certain life situations.

With my work, I may only offer guidance, reassurance and a spiritual understanding along with my intuitive predictions. The only person that can make decisions about your life circumstances is you. Only YOU are walking your journey and only YOU need to understand why you have made the decisions you have. However, always make choices with compassion, inner peace and positivity.

Take a look around at the person next to you; what you see is a physical body. But beyond the body is an inner spirit within us all. That spirit is you and it is always trying to guide you in the right direction as before coming to this world this life you chose which lessons needed to be learned. Your spirit knows this and is always trying to point you in the right direction. Whenever you get that sixth sense, or that gut instinct about something, listen to it – that is your spirit giving you a heads up and trying to guide you in life.

I always suggest to my clients that if something feels right then follow it and find out why. However if something says ‘don’t trust this person’ or ‘something doesn’t feel right’ about someone or something, then trust it, as your spirit is trying to steer you in another direction so you don’t end up repeating the same lessons already learned.

Always remember there is only one of you and that you cannot be compared to anyone. This means only you need to decide what feels right to you when making a decision.

Once you start taking control of your decisions you are then taking control of your life.
The trick now is to start seeing everything from this moment forward as a positive life lesson and always continue to move forward with this newfound awareness.

Think for yourself, trust your intuition and remember another’s mind isn’t walking your journey, you are.

You are amazing, remember that.

Ira Israel
Psychic Medium