Turrisi Properties is a family owned and locally operated business. Its relationship and connection to the West End community is longstanding.

Naturally, then, when it came to developing a new workspace for themselves, they turned to another local West End business, Rothelowman.
Long-term affiliates of the developers, Rothelowman architects designed the new $300,000 office space with Turrisi’s love of the 4101 peninsula in mind. Rothelowman principal Jeff Brown says capturing their client’s style and values was paramount in the office fit-out. “Expressing Turrisi Properties’ personality and individuality was of utmost importance in the process. We already knew a lot about them, but we held a high-level briefing workshop with the team to learn even more about where they saw themselves as an organisation,” Brown says.

Turrisi Properties managing director Gaetano Turrisi is pleased with the results. He says the office design embodies their bespoke development approach. “I have worked with Jeff Brown for the past 10 years in many different capacities. Our mutual understanding of each other’s approaches has led to a great outcome for our own space,” Turrisi said. “The space is warm, personal and welcoming, which shows that the interior designers understand all aspects of our business and branding.”

Integrating the office design with the surrounding residential character of the area was important to both parties. The hospitality-inspired interiors reflect the history of the area, and the West End lifestyle. Design choices were made to reflect a contemporary interpretation of West End’s industrial aesthetic. The pseudo saw-tooth warehouse is built to the boundary and fits the site perfectly.Turrisi-Office-(3)

Inside, West End’s industrial aesthetic has been combined with Turrisi’s brand values to create a contemporary interpretation of a warehouse. In Queensland, ventilation and climate control are key, for both comfort and the sustainability and environmental responsiveness of a building. Rothelowman overcame limited space by referencing West End’s industrial style, designing a series of sawtooth blade walls with slot louvre windows and clerestory louvre windows to provide natural light and air circulation.

The two firms have cemented their relationship with each other and with West End in recent years, through their collaboration on several projects. By the end of 2017, Turrisi Properties will have delivered a total of 248 high-quality apartments to West End at a development value of $142 million, all of which have been designed by Rothelowan. The new 215 square metre office is located at the rear of Turrisi Properties’ apartment development, The Glass Factory, allowing the team to be more closely connected with the West End community, clients and customers.

“The fact that they took a space in their own development comments on their brand and attitude towards what they’ve created. They’re very proud and very personal, so we’ve reflected that in the space,” Brown says. “The signage and frontage is subtle, and you access the office through a laneway down the side of the building. It’s discrete and slightly obscure, but that’s how important integrating into the community and building is to Turrisi.”

Words by Gemma Easton