Dinka Dzubur was fifteen when she first felt the thrill of acting. In Year 11 at Keebra Park State High School on the Gold Coast, the Croatian-born student was cast as the lead in a play entitled Perfectville during the drama festival. She won the Highly Commended Actor Award for her performance. After another performance, this time as Juliet in Romeo & Juliet, her drama teacher encouraged her to keep acting, not that Dinka, compelled by the call of the stage, would have stopped.

“I had this moment in high school, that you seek your whole life as an actor, where everything around you stops and you feel this euphoria… A moment of utter focus. That’s how I felt and I knew I will have to keep going,” said Dinka.

Despite discovering her love of acting Dinka’s education turned toward journalism and law studies at the University of Queensland before she tried out for the QUT Acting Department. She was accepted after her first audition. She graduated with both degrees before moving to Sydney where she worked as a model, actor, and freelancing producer in advertising agencies and film production houses.

After launching her production company and producing several films, she moved to Los Angeles.

“I remember I got a job on HBO’s True Blood a week after landing in LA. I loved that time. It was time of hope, of dreams, of adventure, of collecting moments, friends, meaning, happiness,” said Dinka.

Dinka most recently worked on Battle of the Sexes, an upcoming American sports comedy-drama starring Emma Stone and Steve Carrell. The Australian actress plays a reporter in the film, which is loosely based on the 1973 tennis match between Billie Jean King and Bobbie Riggs.

With the often demanding nature of her occupation, Dinka reflected that it’s family life that keeps her grounded.

“I come from quite a traditional family. Work can be intense but after it’s finished I can have really fantastic family time, which is key to my groundedness and my everything. I love that,” she said.

Battle of the Sexes is now in theatres.