Aptly named, “The Burrow” is tucked away off Boundary Street in West End, and at first is easy to miss. However, once you step inside you will be glad you did. This tiny bar/ restaurant is extremely cute. With long and small wooden communal tables, hanging lanterns, hand drawn chalk art on the chalk board and even salt and pepper shakers in the shape of bunnies, this cosy little den is great for an intimate dinner and drinks.

It may look small, but the bar at the back holds a truly impressive range of boutique beers and ciders for its size. Now I have mentioned before that beer is not necessarily my drink of choice (very un-patriotic of me, I know), but even I found it hard to say no to a Mango or Strawberry beer. Yes they actually exist- I was very excited.  They also have a huge range of fruity ciders which my anti-Australian taste buds very much appreciated, including just about every flavour of the illusive Rekorddelig, which in spite of its popularity, is scarce in licensed venues.

There is a good range of food here too -it is actually open for breakfast and lunch, as well as at night time. The share plates are tasty and light, but the main thing worth eating on the dinner menu is the pizza! The Burrow has about 20 pizzas to choose from with just about every topping you can imagine. Goat and swordfish make an appearance, and their house pizza which is fittingly called “The Burrow” (what a surprise!) is topped with confit rabbit, and is definitely worth a try. Those with less adventurous tastebuds need not worry as the menu contains a lot of standard, as well as unusual topping choices.

The Burrow is very active on Twitter and are constantly updating their followers on their changing food and drinks menu so be sure to follow them on @Burrow_WestEnd.

Margaux Creagh


Photos by Gillian van Niekerk