The draft of Brisbane’s newest city plan includes a number of changes that will affect the West End area.

Brisbane City Council may be making several changes to its building codes for the 4101, which will affect housing construction and developments in the area over the next few decades. Under the proposals outlined in the city plan, standard 607 square metre blocks in low-density areas like West End will now be able to be subdivided for dual occupancies. The minimum width of housing blocks will drop to 7.5 metres and the permitted height of houses will be raised from 8.5 metres to 9.5 metres.

“It is a doubling of what is currently permitted,” said Helen Abrahams, Councillor for The Gabba.

With the population of West End expected to climb from 7500 to 19,000 in the coming years, there are a number of development proposals in the works that may cater to this population increase. However, these changes could accentuate clashes between locals and developers, with each having their own view of what the West End area should be.

The current city plan requires developers to give residents a notice of construction, via a period of public notification that advises people what is proposed and gives them a chance to make submissions or objections. This new draft city plan has dropped this public notification requirement for a large amount of development types, as long as the plans fit within the development code.

“This is a really significant change,” said Abrahams.

The city plan is still in the drafting process and will soon be open for formal submissions. You can read the plan here

Details about community submissions are also available on the Brisbane City Council website. You can send in your comments to the council anytime but there will be an official 60-day period for feedback, which will be announced in the coming weeks. You can also visit an information kiosk at several locations around the city.

Words by Chelsea Heaney