West End State School (WESS) is continually developing a range of Enrichment Projects to extend and engage students through the school’s ELEV8 Program.

This term, ELEV8 is offering a group of budding musicians an opportunity to participate in a music composition project. This program is being delivered by Mr Joel Saunders, one of the school’s musically talented classroom teachers.

In collaboration with Brisbane State High School staff and Year 9 music extension students, WESS students have been building on the skills and knowledge they have developed as part of the school’s classroom and Instrumental Music Programs. Students are composing short works for small ensembles by learning about compositional techniques used by Bach, in musical theatre, and when writing for films. These compositions are being rehearsed by the students and performed at WESS’s Arts Showcase — WEcreate. Selection for the project was based on merit, ensuring a suitable variety of musical experience was present for a group compositional process.

More than 200 students at WESS are involved in various ELEV8 projects throughout the year, run by WESS ELEV8 staff, community partnerships and “teacher experts”.

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