Melbourne Street is busy with foot traffic, as office workers and students of South Brisbane meander about on their lunch hour.

Some of them join me in entering Era Cafe, a branch of the established Era brand, along with the bistro and bottle-store.

Upon entry I am greeted by the ever-friendly Jess Lette, Cafe Manager, who hastily takes my order as I make myself comfortable at the large communal table at the front of the cafe.

The vast front windows make for a pleasant view, a prime people-watching spot, as I simultaneously flick through the day’s newspapers and magazines.

Lost in the ambient noise of people chatting, beans being ground and milk being steamed, my coffee arrives.

It looks glorious, with a smooth layer of foam crowning my cappuccino marbled with a sprinkle of cocoa powder.

Topping off the coffee are the two biscuits, “coconut sticks”, that are literally what they are named after – sticks made of coconut.

They delightfully complement the coffee, with their refreshing sweetness and hint of somewhere more exotic.

The coffee itself is quite delicate, and quite sweet, with after-notes of marshmallow, crafted by Victoria-based Giancarlo Coffee’s premium blend.