The latest online service eTrainr, is taking the health and fitness world by storm.

Behind the initiative is a young entrepreneur determined to make a difference, and to make something of himself. Kane Mentz is a 23-year old Brisbane local who is the co-founder of eTrainr, an online service which provides members with personally tailored meal plans and training programs, for at home and at the gym, based on their goals and capabilities.

“eTrainr is different to anything else on the market because it’s about maintaining long term health, eTrainr is not a fad or a quick fix which sends you spiraling back to where you started,” Kane said.

West End Magazine - - Kane Mentz Entrepreneur

As a personal trainer, Kane has been a leader in the health and fitness industry for over five years. He possesses an obviously genuine desire to help people and a passion for fitness and well-being, which is contagious. Kane explains that there were just not enough hours in the day, for him to meet the demand of people seeking personal training. After months of turning people away due to his lack of availability, and with the belief that everyone deserves to live a happy and healthy life, Kane took the initiative to find a solution.

“It all began on a road trip to Sydney,” Kane said. “I was driving with my sister and her husband to spend Christmas with our extended family.” With hours to pass in a not-so spacious car, Kane explained his dilemma and brainstormed with his brother in law Clinton Buchanan, who is a software developer. By the end of the journey, and after many hours spent trying to understand the foreign language of each other’s industry, their partnership was established and eTrainr was born.

West End Magazine - - eTrainr Co-Founders

eTrainr now services members across the country, however the co-founders ensure, Brisbane will always be home. To thank their loyal members and celebrate our wonderful city, eTrainr is launching a free Running Club in various suburbs of Brisbane, their aim is to get people active, and to spread the gift of good health. Lucky for you, the people of 4101 are next!

eTrainr is also offering all 4101 residents a week free, however they do warn us, exercise and good food are addictive! If you’re interested in joining eTrainr today, you can head to the website at

Words by Emily Dowling