Last Tuesday morning, I arrived at Chow House on James Street bright and early at 7.30am for the League of Extraordinary Women breakfast with special guest speaker, fashion designer Sacha Drake.

Being one of about 50 guests, I felt privileged to hear Sasha speak so candidly and honestly about being a young women entrepreneur and building her fashion design business form virtually nothing and with no backing. I had the pleasure of meeting Sacha at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival last year and then catching up with her again at this year’s festival. I have always been a little bit in awe of her success.

At Chow House we are treated to a lovely breakfast of fruit, muesli and delicious poached eggs while we listen to Sacha’s journey, as told by her. Sacha’s story is one of perseverance and creativity. The Sacha Drake label is now celebrating over a decade in the Australian fashion industry with its flagship store based in Paddington, Brisbane and more than 150 stockists throughout Australia and New Zealand.  The label is synonymous with convertible pieces and pretty prints – each garment designed to inspire confidence in women.

Sacha Drake_portrait_office_web

Sacha tells us how she first began sewing at 14 – an education in fashion ensued in Brisbane, then onto costume design in London and even filmmaking in Rome. However, her journey wasn’t without difficulty – she had to work almost full-time in recruitment for years to supplement her income to stay afloat and keep creating and designing. It was until she was 29 that things really took off for her. After over a decade of striving! But one of the most inspiring things about Sacha is that she didn’t ever take ‘no’ for an answer or ever think of giving up – even when it seemed that was all she should do.

In her talk, Sacha highlighted the pressure on business women as opposed to men, many of whom constantly  struggle with balancing a business and family. She emphasises, “Don’t try and be a business man; women are different, we just are! Be good to yourself and be a business woman. Don’t kill yourself to be better when what you’re doing is already good,” she tells us.

Food for thought!

Until next time,