Strategic Social Profiles (SSP) has been selected as one of Business Queensland’s 100 Faces of Small Business in 2018 and 2019 – a Business Queensland initiative showcasing the stories behind small business, with the faces actively advocating others to take the leap of faith across to small business.

SSP was established in 2015 creating social profiles, developing strategic engagement plans and providing coaching for busy professionals, university graduates and individuals keen on career progression, as well as those wishing to undertake a major career or lifestyle shift. SSP is especially focussed on working with small business, showing how growth and a solid foundation for customer engagement can be achieved via an effective social media strategy.

Annabel Sullivan, a long-time resident of Highgate Hill, and her business partner Susan Davis, became especially aware of the value of social media when, in 2014, they found themselves in the challenging world of redundancy, after many years in senior management corporate roles. The pair have a combined business experience of 50 years, they joined forces to create a business that would enable them to stay in contact with their own networks via LinkedIn and Facebook and provide this service to others.

The challenges of facing redundancy and identifying how best to adjust and re-position is another area in which SSP has specialised expertise. SSP’s Reinvention after Redundancy program highlights the power of social media to assist people in getting back into the workforce. Clients learn how best to present their skills and abilities via social media. This not only assists to attract recruitment agencies searching for candidates online but enables SSP clients to reach out to their own networks for new opportunities. Another SSP program called Social it Yourself enables businesses or individuals to access an online step-by-step guide to setting up an effective social media management, should time not permit one-on-one engagement with the SSP team.

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