In 2019 Queensland Theatre will premiere a new musical comedy Fangirls, a thrilling and hilarious story about first love, fan culture and the danger of underestimating teenage girls. Auditions for this fun and exciting production are open now to the community.

This world premiere by gifted young comedian, singer and playwright Yve Blake is stacked with catchy numbers that will take you straight back to your first crush. It is a new musical comedy about a poorly understood force of nature and directed by the acclaimed Paige Rattray, Fangirls is a Belvoir and Brisbane Festival co-production in association with the Australian Theatre for Young People and will star the Yve herself (THEN, The Race Was On) among others. Queensland Theatre will present an unprecedented five world premieres in 2019, one of which is Fangirls.

 Fangirls is about Edna. She is 14, chronically awkward, and everyone thinks she is a serial liar. But none of this will matter when her real life starts. With Harry. There is just one problem, Harry is in True Connection – the world’s biggest boyband. When True Connection announce a tour stop in Edna’s city, she realises that this is her one chance to meet Harry and convince him of their destiny. But just how far is she prepared to go in the name of love? Edna takes her obsession to unforeseen heights in this thrilling and hilarious musical comedy.

Auditions are open anyone over age 17 (all genders) who can be based in Brisbane or Sydney. Should you be successful in joining the cast, you must be fully available from 29 July to 10 November 2019.

More information and submissions available at Fangirls Auditions page

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