It’s hard to stand out from the crowd in a world where one person seems to be more talented than the next. Obtaining success in the fashion industry appears to be almost impossible unless you have connections, but this does not seem to faze Meg Cox of M-Sea Clothing. She believes that talent and dedication are catalysts for achievement – no matter how competitive the industry.

The local talent is currently undertaking an Advanced Diploma of Fashion Design at Mt Gravatt Tafe and has always had a “passion for fashion.” She describes what she is studying as, “the most amazing course” because the students are taught everything from designing a garment to making the pattern. It is entirely suitable to Meg because there is an emphasis on the practicality of making clothes – a raw talent that she wishes to tailor at just 19 years old.

The “21st century consumer” is changeable – one moment they love classic labels while the next second they dig chic sophistication. Meg is completely aware of this trend in consumerism and has adapted her label for this diverse market. She embodies what leading fashion icon Alexander McQueen noted, “It’s a new era of fashion – there are no rules. It’s all about the individual.”

She allows for customisation of all clothing items and has said that, “I have always been quite a visual learner and I suppose that enables me to change and alter designs easily.” In other words, if you have a design innovation, Meg is almost always able to bring this to fruition as a physical outfit.

Currently, she is relying on word-of-mouth business, which has gained her a large amount of school formal and university ball business. Modesty is her policy when it comes to self-promotion because, as any true talent would say, she “likes the clothes to speak for themselves”. She has recently established a website so that clients are able to easily contact her as well. Although her customers vary with their desired designs, lately she has noticed a particular trend in, “simplistically fitted mermaid designs” which scream elegance and class.

From the description of her clientele, Meg aims to fulfil the fashion needs of students in the South Brisbane area. Consequently, she tries to charge minimal prices because she empathises with the difficulty of being a “poor student.” Money makes the world go round and as students, most our moola is spent on Go Cards and phones bills but M-Sea Clothing allows for the occasional fashion treat.

With an evident talent and a prominent drive, the world is her oyster. When I asked Meg what the future held, she appeared quite excited at the possibly of interning overseas. Meg Cox is a local talent to get behind and maybe even order a dress from for that Engineering Ball you have coming up in October. It is a guarantee that every student will like the price tag too!

Words by Ailish Parr