The Special Cats Exhibition Feline Fantasy is now in its third year and is growing in popularity, coming to Kazuyo’s Collection on Boundary Street until the end of March.

The works come from different Japanese artists, and each year they offer their works on the theme of cats using different techniques, expressions, materials, and forms that express the individuality and character of the artist.

This year, the exhibition is centred on Tetsuya Yamaguchi cats which are all original hand painted lively cats placed in different, hand drawn, seasonal backdrops on cloth. They are individually perfect and could easily be mistaken as print copy, but they are amazingly accurate and unique.

The theme running through these special works is Japan’s stories in poetry. The works are painted with highly skilled craftsmanship techniques, and are wonderful enough that many people wanted them printed in cloth.

In addition to holding solo exhibitions in various places in Japan, in recent years, Tetsuya Yamaguchi is a remarkable and active artist and his characters have been adopted to decorate trains in Osaka.

Yoshimi Murray is one of the exhibition’s regular artists and will be reappearing after gaining wide popularity last year. She is offering pictures with Kabuki cats in the Edo period setting. Kabuki is sometimes knowing as the “art of singing and dancing”. Other works she creates are as popular as Lucky Cat Charm.

There are also some special items for sale at this cat exhibition, including special selected “200 types of postcards and original works” for sale from $15 to $30. The postcards have come directly from various events, galleries and artists that have appeared throughout Europe, Taiwan and Japan.

In addition, there are various kinds of cat figures and stuffed animals. It is an exhibition to encounter and discover all types of cats, with all artists and handmade original works are from Japan. There are more than 1000 cats all through this exhibition, waiting to be discovered by visitors.

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