After the success of Wear FitazFK Season 1, Founders and Directors, Georgio Batsinilas and Aaron McAllister recently launched the season two of their Activewear Range – the Bittersweet Collection.

With both co-owners at the helm of the design, Batsinilas and McAllister also approached this season with Sabo Skirt co-founder and Creative Director, Thessy Batsinilas on their side. McAllister worked closely with Thessy to deliver a cutting edge, functional, Insta-worthy collection for the latest season. “We learned a lot from season one and applied all of our knowledge and experience heading into season two. We really looked at ensuring the pieces weren’t just fashion-forward, but they were functional – think squat proof and completely sweat resistant,” McAllister said.

Working closely with his suppliers, McAllister said the fabric technology and design of each style was truly taken into consideration. “We then go into colour charts and fabrics, teaming up with our suppliers and manufacturers to ensure we are delivering the best fabric tech in the game. We chose neon apricot and blush pink for this season, based off the feedback from season one and knowing what our demographic was after.”

As one of Instagram’s leading online fitness brands with over 355K followers, the brand embraced the power of social media in a business context, showcasing sneak peeks of some key styles in their fitness videos. “We’ve really grown as a brand – we are no longer just another fitness company. It’s about a lifestyle and living, breathing and being FitazFK,” said Batsinilas.

The second capsule collection includes thirteen pieces. Some are familiar styles and cuts based off best-sellers from season one, and others are new designs, also based off feedback from the first collection. The collection also features the FitazFK Gym bag as a brand new accessory.

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