The West End Magazine’s Candice Groves tried out PT at Studio 99 Fitness Centre, and now she’s convinced she will be able to achieve her summer body, this winter. Here’s her story.

I’ve had a repetitive history when it comes to fitness. I’ll join a gym with a big smile, high expectations and excitement for my goal bod to finally start becoming a reality. But the reality is that I end up bored, which is reflected through my inconsistent training and I’m left feeling frustrated, and not seeing the results I anticipated. Not only has this been an unhealthy habit for my body, but it affects my mentality too.

After returning from a recent getaway to Bali, indulging in all good (bad) things, I was refreshed and ready to focus on changing habits, so I decided to check out the local fitness centre close to my workplace at the magazine. Studio 99 Fitness Centre has a different feel from other studios and gyms I’ve trained in. The 4101 has been home to the studio for more than six years and its success has resulted in a full-size training centre on Edmondstone Street. It’s a cool and spacious setup with tunes to motivate you.240516_0035

Everyone says hello, PT Sam is always up for a laugh and the whole team is genuinely interested in assisting me, since I usually walk in looking like a lost giraffe. I am lucky (although some days I show conflicting emotions) to be training with personal trainer and director of Studio 99, Matt Tranter. Matt proves his extensive knowledge and experience in the industry when designing my one-on-one training sessions, focusing on technique, working on areas I am looking to improve and pushing me to my limits. I’m never sure of what I’ll be in for when I turn up, but through the sweat, the occasional sook (sorry Matt), a “one more to go” and a laugh, I always leave with a smile on my face, after having so much fun!

The group classes are unintimidating and there’s a mix of all age groups and genders, mother and daughter teams, and a few familiar faces from around the neighbourhood. Tabitha certainly knows how to get your heart rate up in a fitness boxing class. It’s an unpretentious environment that has community feel and it’s a bonus meeting new friends whilst I’m there.

After the morning sessions I can walk down to The West End Magazine offices – with the occasional sneaky stop over on Melbourne Street for an acai bowl. My mind is enthused, I’m feeling energetic and cheerful and everyone at the office can see (hear) it.

Maybe it’s my happy head’s new perception, or perhaps I really am feeling and seeing changes in myself already. Either way, I know I don’t want these positive vibes to fade. I think it’s time for a six-week challenge!

By Candice Groves | Images by Georgina Ashford