Floating away on a placid sea of tranquillity, destressing your body and mind, and promoting numerous long-term health benefits and de-cluttering the overworked mind – you don’t have to have a pool to achieve this state of zen. Float Space, Sunshine Coast’s premier Float Therapy Centre and relaxation destination, will wash over West End next month.

The Float Space Brisbane is Australia’s first and only float and cryotherapy centre, bringing the hottest new trends in health and wellness to our shores. Its Montague Road location will feature three private float suites equipped with the world’s finest, largest and most advanced float tanks, a cryosauna, and an infrared sauna. 

“Our world is bursting with stimulation and it’s unlikely that this will change. But if we have a tool that can help us actually become more resistant to stress and go through our daily lives feeling happy, pain free and more relaxed, wouldn’t that be amazing?” says co-owner Janina Hildebrand.

Cryotherapy and floating relaxation have been long been used by celebrities and actors the world over; The Australian Institute of Sport have facilitated floating for their athletes since the 2000 Olympic games, and athletes like NRL legend Willie Mason, Elle Macphereson, and Lebron James and Floyd Mayweather have used floatation or cryogenic therapy to overcome injuries and stimulate better performance.

“If you’re looking for a stress-free getaway and some hours of peace and quiet, The Float Space is the perfect place to go,” says co-owner Felipe Galler. ‘‘We have conducted over 10,000 floats in Maroochydore since 2015, and we can’t wait to bring this amazing therapy to the people of West End, and Brisbane.’’

The Float Space is set for a November opening, for more details see their website.