Focused Marketing, a multidisciplinary marketing agency based in South Brisbane, is proudly celebrating its 14th Birthday.

Since launching in 2006, the business has grown its team and offerings to include all aspects of communications and marketing, and in more recent years, website development with its all-female team of six.

Founder Kerri Eckart started Focused Marketing equipped with extensive experience in tender writing and marketing gained while living in London and Sydney, before finally realising her long-term goal of owning a business. “While I struggled to juggle work, raising twin toddlers and a new baby, I felt it was time to back myself and create the flexibility I needed,” she said.

Having successfully navigated her business through the GFC and other economic uncertainty, Kerri recently reflected on what helped her get through these times that might be beneficial for new businesses. Kerri says implementing a resilient attitude was vital. “One of my favourite sayings to my team is ‘just keep swimming’, sometimes you just have to line up your tasks, put your head down and work through them; irrespective of the storm that’s happening around you.”

Kerri then continued, saying to get your house in order and to build a network. “Knowing where important information is, keeping track of cashflow, and having clear processes in place takes the day-to-day stress off you and your team. “Being responsible for your own business and a team is stressful and well-meaning friends and family just don’t quite understand. I started Connect the Dots as a way of bringing together other female small business owners. A much-needed support group for bouncing off concerns and ideas.”

Reflecting on the roller-coaster of the past 14 years in business, Kerri said, “This industry has changed so much in the last 14 years and we are proud to play our part in its continuing evolution and success,” she said.

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