Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner announced this week at a Business South Bank member function, that as part of the Brisbane Metro Project construction plan that council will be operating a free bus loop service around the South Bank precinct.

The announcement follows years of discussion between Council and Business South Bank, about implementing initiatives that would mitigate against the potential impacts of construction on the Brisbane Metro. Details of the timing and route of the proposed bus loop service is yet to be determined and subject to Queensland Government approval of the Brisbane Metro project, including approval to proceed with the Cultural Centre station detailed design and construction. The Brisbane Metro Project is focused on getting commuters home quicker and safer with more travel options, less congestion and a greater public transport network. Rather than hundreds of buses travelling into the city, the Brisbane Metro Project plans to link the buses with high-capacity and high-frequency Metro services running along dedicated busways. That means more available buses for the suburbs and less bus congestion in the city.

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