West End financial advisers Yellow Brick Road are holding their fourth annual ‘Ask My Advice Day’ on May 28, where they will address recent Federal Budget announcements around superannuation changes, tax thresholds and small business. Locals are invited to attend obligation free 30-minute consultations where they can get answers to those big financial questions.

Wealth Manager and Branch Principal at Yellow Brick Road West End, Suzy Butterworth, notes that starting early is the key to building wealth for retirement. “Everyone deserves the chance to retire comfortably but people need to take action. Getting financial advice early in life allows you take advantage of time and compound interest. These are a powerful pair when it comes to creating a comfortable life. Ask My Advice Day is an easy way to get started by just coming into our West End Branch and asking a qualified adviser any burning questions – whether it’s on your retirement, your home loan, superannuation, insurance or savings.”

Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) data reveals that the number of over-45s who say they will not retire before turning 70 has dramatically increased from eight to 23 per cent in the last decade, Ms Butterworth said. These recent ABS findings have sparked fresh concerns that a comfortable retirement is now ‘out of reach’ for hundreds of thousands of Australians, she said.

Yellow Brick Road is encouraging anyone and everyone to attend one of their free consultations, to show the benefits of talking to a financial adviser. Whether you are wondering what your interest rate should be, how you can help your children break into the property market, how you can protect yourself against interest rate volatility, whether you should negatively gear your investment properties, or the cost of retirement, Ms Butterworth says Yellow Brick Road can advise you on all of these financial concerns and many more.

Ask My Advice Day’ consultations can be booked online.

By Kim Hellberg
Image supplied by Yellow Brick Road