In its twelfth issue, Frock Paper Scissors plans to explore all ends of the futuristic spectrum from dark dystopia to the ultra-perfect utopia and the impact on fashion.

Frock Paper Scissors is a magazine created by Creative Industries students at Queensland University of Technology (QUT). This year’s team has commenced production to form yet another thought-provoking issue.

Launching in November, the issue will focus on the theme Imagining Futures, forecasting conversations about the future of our world and its humanity.  

Frock Paper Scissors readers want to be informed and aware of global societal issues and this year’s theme opens doors for those conversations and discussions.

With the rise of feminism, technology, artificial intelligence and disaster, Frock Paper Scissors seeks to delve into the relevance of these hard hitting modern aspects and the impact they may have on the future fashion industry.

The magazine will be available in print and digital format. Through editorials, articles, videos and more, it will unfold and discuss fashion and culture in relation to societal conformity, technological advances, conspiracies and extreme personal expression.

For 12 years, Frock Paper Scissors has been connecting the wider creative community through collaboration and has opened many doors within the industry to students. With a readership of more than 20,000, this unique publication has cemented its name in the Brisbane fashion scene and continues to grow year by year.

Co-editor Molly Houseman is excited for what her team can bring to Frock Paper Scissors this year with such a unique theme in their hands.

“The future is of course, unknown, but prepare to be challenged by the thought-provoking and controversial ideas of Issue 12,” said Molly.

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