Councillor Jonathan Sri is finalising the 2017-18 budget for the Gabba Ward, seeking community ideas and contributions in how to spend funds to benefit the area.

Participatory budgeting is believed to provide ordinary residents with the opportunity to have a direct say in how ratepayers’ money is being spent by councils and governments. This particular initiative at the Gabba Ward will provide residents with a say in how the $350, 000 annual budget will be spent.

Nada, a resident in south Brisbane, has suggested that introducing a table tennis facility would encourage outdoor activity and a place where the local community could meet and interact.

“Not only would an activity such as table tennis be a great way to get those teenage kids and adults out and active, but it would be a great way to meet people in your local area,” she said.

The estimated cost for a project such as this would be $15, 000.

Geoffrey, another local resident, has suggested that park gym equipment for the TJ Doyle Memorial Park in Dutton Park could also be viable in ensuring the community remains active. 

“These little gyms are apparently very underrated in the Brisbane area,” he said.

“I for one would certainly like to see some equipment installed near the basketball court/leash dog area in TJ Doyle Park on Gladstone Road.”

The estimated cost for an outdoor gym is $50 000.

In addition to keeping the community active, others have suggested initiatives to keep our four-legged friends active too.

Local resident, Lucia, believes the James Warner Park at Kangaroo Point would be the perfect place for a dog park.

“It is a lovely existing park area, with water, fence posting, shade trees, and a demand in the neighbourhood as the dog population is growing after the QCat struck down pet bylaws,” he said.

This project is estimated to be a little more expensive, coming in at $30 000.

Although many of these ideas have been proposed as viable, others have not been quite as successful. 

Local resident, Helen, proposed a modern new meeting room above the existing car park behind the West End Library, which was deemed to be out of scope for the Gabba Ward.

Another local resident, Amy, suggested that public art at the Buranda train overpass would be suitable.

“The outbound side underneath the Buranda Train Overpass could be improved with public art, benches and bike racks,” she said.

This project was deemed to be out of scope because the overpass is owned by the State Government.

However, despite the array of suggested and out of scope projects, many propositions have also been given the go ahead.

These include a shade cover for the children’s playground at Captain Burke Park, a fruit tree harvest for community, community noticeboards for popular nodes, and electric barbeques in Musgrave Park.

If the community have any suggestions regarding improvements to these areas, local counselor Jonathan Sri advises people to head to the Free Will website prior to June 12.