Spring has sprung! It’s time to get out the flip-flops, beach towels, and singlets…and also schedule in the annual spring clean! This no longer has to be a boring, time-consuming task but can be fun and community-oriented instead. Garage Sale Trail is a nation-wide event that offers motivation to declutter for participants as they sign up to a free garage-sale day held on Saturday October 22.

Individuals and families across Australia can all work towards the common goal of decluttering before this deadline and then offer their second-hand goodies up for sale from their home. All the advertising is taken care of, and participants are motivated by knowing there are hundreds of other Aussies working towards the same deadline.

Professional organsier Helen Butler, from Clutter Rescue, said “The event provides everyone an annual opportunity to get organised and declutter but also to sell excess belongings to someone else who needs or loves them, instead of throwing things away.” To make the process easier, Helen suggests allocating time-slots to go through items in the house for the sale and to use colour-coded labelling to sort the items you decide to sell. She also suggests that people consider how long it has been since they have used an item, ask themselves if they think they will use it again, and decide whether it is taking up unnecessary space in their house.

Garage Sale Trail started as a grassroots event and has now grown into a program powered by over 150 local councils nationally. The event encourages Australians to host and shop at garage sales and stresses the benefits of recycling on the environment. Plus, you might find unusual items you wouldn’t be able to pick up from the shopping centre.

Aussies are encouraged to go through their attics, garages, and basements and find unwanted items that may be of use to others. The first 2500 sellers who register before September 2, will receive a free promotional pack that will maximise their garage sale’s success.

To register head to the Garage Sale Trail website. Here you will also find a how-to-guide that will help you plan and prepare for your sale. You can also search your suburb or town to see if there are any sales happening near you.  

By Anna Ghioni
Image supplied by Cinnamon Watson