Have you ever driven past a local garage sale and thought the only things for sale will be dingy old chairs, puzzles with missing pieces or mis-matched pots and pans? Well, I’ve discovered the complete opposite!

You can pick up some amazing things from garage sales, and I find that the best and easiest items to find are old dresses and handbags. The most exciting garage sales are the ones you see advertised on a piece of ripped up cardboard, taped to a lamp post. Usually the decision to go to those garage sales is made on a whim and almost always spontaneous – that’s what makes them all the more exciting.



I was walking down my street a few months back on my way to buy fresh bread and spotted one of those ripped cardboard signs that said ‘GARAGE SALE TODAY’. I couldn’t resist – I had to see what treasures were to be found. When I walked down the driveway, I saw a box of old dresses for $5 each and rummaged through until I found a beautiful blue and white striped dress, which I knew was perfect for me. It looked a little wrinkled and smelled a little musty but I could see the potential.


If it’s a good deal you’re looking for, then look no further than a good old-fashioned garage sale. The people running them usually want their stuff gone by the end of the day and $5 seems to be the magic price. If you see something you like, try making an offer with a cheeky grin on your face…it never fails!


Another $5 garage sale acquisition. The girl selling the handbag was sad to see it go.


Here I’m wearing the above handbag with a vintage green tennis skirt. Perfect match!

You can usually find big boxes of old jewellery hidden somewhere behind all the clothes and retro furniture, and the prices can be as little at $1! Don’t be afraid to search until you pull out something amazing.


I purchased this frill-necked lizard brooch from a neighbour’s garage sale a few months ago for only $1.


A wool-blend jacket I found for $5 (that magic price) at a local garage sale.

It’s really interesting how different people display their wares in different ways. You can really see a history of peoples lives on display at garage sales. The sellers sometimes tell you stories of how they used to fit into that size 8 pair of acid wash jeans they’re selling, or how they wore that evening dress to a special event, and it really makes buying their clothes so much more fulfilling.

7A sample of dresses being sold at a garage sale on Corbett Street in West End

Garage sales are everywhere, so be on the look out for signs on lamp posts and community notice boards, so you don’t miss out!

Signing of until next time – The Vintage Fox
Words by Bianca Scargill | Images by John Colombo