Saturday June 29 brought with it that shakin’ feeling when The Woolloongabba antique precinct turned into a scene from the 1950s – complete with rockabilly music and swing dancing. And the rain was no deterrent as flocks of people descended on Logan Road.

We (Sebastian and I) arrive at Shake the Village right on 5pm and head straight over to the food stalls to survey the street food on offer: we stop by the coffee stand run by the boys from Cup Coffee and purchase a delicious hot chocolate to warm us up in the drizzly weather.

As we do, Emily Nunes (of Canvas bar fame) pops over to say hi.

Emily is president of the Gabba Village Association and has been instrumental in organising Shake the Village. ‘It’s all coming together,’ she says, ‘and we decided to definitely go ahead despite the showers forecast; we have umbrellas and shelter organised so we’ll be fine.’

And it was better than fine! The rain almost added to the atmosphere in a way …  in that way the rain can be a little romantic… especially coupled with the rays of low-lit lantern-lights casting over this very beautiful Gabba Village street.

Next to the Cup Coffee stand is Brazilyum – a delicious Brazilian Barbeque food stall – offering BBQ peri peri chicken and grilled haloumi among their repertoire! At this point, the most amazing array of 50s cars roll into the street and everyone stops for a minute to admire the beautiful things. As we wander down the street, we spot a 50s style hairdresser working her magic and the Sugar Shakers band in set-up mode.  

The thing I love about tonight is that this whole street feels so alive, restaurant food is spilling out onto the street with many of the restaurants, cafes and bars hosting stalls outside their doors – 1889 Enoteca is one: with gnocci, pork and fennel sausages for all to try.

But as the rain starts to get heavier and we await the band’s set – we seek refuge inside Canvas for a little snack and a cocktail. We order the fish tacos, some olives and I devour with great pleasure, a Mrs Hendricks cocktail.

By the time we finish, The Sugar Shakers are in full swing, as are some of the punters – swinging and dancing their way around the street, now THIS is a street party.

And I only wish this event happened more than once a year.

Until next week 4101ers,